Monday, March 2, 2009

March update

Hi all, here's a little good news which I hope puts a smile on some faces today :) We just got the rights to publish another Roger Bradfield book! It's Hello, Rock, a small, sweet book about a young boy who finds a rock and imagines all the things he can do with the it. But in the end he decides he likes the rock just the way it is.

Stan the Hot Dog Man is being printed right now, I hope to have it in our warehouse by April. Hanna's Cold Winter is almost complete, it's been so much fun working from original art for the first time ever. When it's finished work on Hello, Rock, Henry the Castaway and Henry the Explorer will begin.

In between these projects I will be working on Kindle editions of The Mad Scientists' Club and David and the Phoenix, our first ebooks ever!


KathyM said...
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KathyM said...

I'm totally inspired by your work. Thanks for sharing.

WILLIAM said...

I am very interestedin receiving more information about the Henry the Explorer book. I loved them as a kid and I know that my kids will love them. Are you going to working with the original artwork? PLease let me know when they are going to come out as well the information about the artwork.

I would love to promote those books on my blog and I already have written about them in the past.


jjoolsen said...

I can't wait for the Henry series about Henry and his terrier! Please keep me posted about your progress with this wonderful series.

Tonia said...

Hi Jill,

I hope you don't mind me asking, but is there any chance to see "The Christmas Cookie Sprinkle Snitcher" by VIP (and possibly Robert Kraus) reprinted by PHP? I posted a comment on my last order, but wanted to mention it again incase it was overlooked!


Ella said...

Thank you for Ann Likes Red! I just purchased a copy from Amazon for my 4 year old daughter because it was my favorite book growing up. I still have the original, but it's too fragile for daily reading. I was surprised to see it was published in Cynthiana...I am originally from Lexington, but my parents are from Cynthiana and still own a small weekend farmhouse there, so that prompted me to look you up on the internet.

My other favorite book was "Peppermint" by Dorothy Grider....which is currently out of my price range...because, sadly, the copy I grew up with (which was handed down to me from older siblings) has only a few of its pages left in it from overuse by my nieces and nephews.

Anyway, thanks again for Ann! It makes me so happy to see her all dressed up in her new outfit again!


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