Thursday, February 2, 2012

Spring 2012 update :)

Hi All! Hope you had a wonderful time with family and friends over the holidays.

Here's a quick update about what's going on here. I'm acquiring the rights to several amazing books from the 60s, as soon as it's all official I will announce the titles here...they will be ready for fall!

I'm sending three hardcover books to the printer this week and we plan to have them in our warehouse by May. They are:

Benjamin Dilley's Thirsty Camel by the incomparable Jolly Roger Bradfield.

When it came to imagination, Benjamin Dilly was right up there with Einstein, Steve Jobs, and whoever came up with the idea for Disneyland. There wasn’t anything Benjamin couldn’t imagine, except maybe an honest politician or the idea of kissing (ugh!) a girl. Well, he could have if he’d wanted to I suppose but, gee, a guy has to draw the line somewhere!

Just about anything else was subject to his delightfully developed imagination, either in full color, black and white, 3D, with sound or without. As you will learn upon reading the story, this included a hippo dressed as an army general, a goat driving a sports car and a genie in (and out of) a bottle just to name a few.

And the last two books in our Henry series, Henry Explores the Jungle and Henry Explores the Mountains by Mark Taylor and Graham Booth. If you loved the first two books (Henry the Explorer and Henry the Castaway) you will find these books just as fun -- continuing on with Henry's explorations through all four seasons!

Henry Explores the Jungle

Once Henry and his dog, Laird Angus McAngus (Angus for short), had gone hunting for bear. But that was in winter. Now it was summer and time to explore the jungle.

"We may find a tiger," Henry told his mother.
"Well, don't get eaten," his mother said, handing him his lunch.

It was harder exploring the jungle than Henry had thought it would be. The grass was so high he could hardly see over it, and not all of the inhabitants were friendly. Still, explorers are brave; when they find a tiger, they know just what to do. It is such moments of triumph that make exploring worthwhile, and make reading about it almost as good.

Henry Explores the Mountains

It was fall. And on the night of the big frost, Henry and his dog, Laird Angus McAngus, decided that they must explore the wild and untracked mountains near their house. Before winter set in.

So the next morning they set out, with flags and banners as any good explorers would, and also rope. "You always need rope when climbing in the mountains - for safety," Henry said.

"I expect you to be home before dark," said Henry's father.

And off they went. They picked their way through dangerous canyons and up steep cliffs, had their lunch, and then trouble began. It proved to be an exciting afternoon for Henry and Angus, much better than Henry's imagination could have made it.


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