Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Christmas Cookie Sprinkles and what's next

Hi all :) It's been awhile, here's the latest. I'll be working on two books starting next week, Henry the Castaway and drum roll please.... The Christmas Cookie Sprinkle Snitcher!! It's by Vip (Virgil Partch)and Robert Kraus. Hope to have both out in the spring, so you'll have plenty of time to read about Christmas cookie sprinkles before next Christmas! Please tell your friends and family what's coming up, I'd hate to see them paying $500 for old copies.

I've enjoyed seeing which books you loved as a child.

Happy Halloween, Jill


Brit said...

I see some of Jolly Roger Bradfield's books are being republished (Pickle Chiffon Pie and The Flying Hockey Stick). I just ordered these and wonder if you know if his other books will be coming available sometime.

These books are a family favorite. We have some of the other books with our parents but my sister and I want our own copies!

I am not exactly sure how this all works, but thank you for allowing us to hold onto childhood memories in book form and pass them onto our children. I actually do not have any children right now, but know I want to pass these books on.

Geri CC said...

What amazingly good news! I'll be sure to spread the word about the Christmas Cookie Sprinkle Snitcher. Does anyone know if it was ever produced as an (animated) TV special? It just seems the sort of thing that would have been.

Tonia said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I can't wait to get my hands on this book!!!!!!!!!

Jill said...

Hi Brit, I love Jolly Roger's work too! We have the rights to Hello Rock and Giants Come in Different Sizes, hope to get those out later in 2010. He's working on a surprise new book too :) I've seen most of it, what a fun book it's going to be! More news on that one soon.

Thanks Geri! It's such a help when enthusiastic people spread the word that a great book is coming back in print. I've never heard of a tv special based on this book, but it would be perfect at this time of the year.

sarah'sworm said...

I was actually just asking my local used book dealer about this book! My Mom took out our copy this year and it is so tattered and worn, we all fear for the poor book's life! Especially with trying to let the grandkids see the pictures. Thank you for reprinting this wonderful book! I know it almost by heart!
I'm sure everyone I went to grade school with will be very happy too! My Mom would bring in our copy and read it to my class every year from kindergarten until 6th grade... no class party was complete until The Snitcher had come.

Lisa said...

Hi Jill,

Is there any chance that you might reprint Ruth Chew's witch books? They were so fabulous when I was a kid. Also, the Danny Dunn books and the Kerby books (The Limerick Trick, The Lemonade Trick, etc). These were all books that made you think, and they were fun!

Tamar said...

My name is Tamar and I live in Israel.
As a child my favorite book was "Mr Pine Purple house" ( which was brought to me by my parent's American friends).

Today I am a mother and bought the book through you so I could read it to my 6 and 3 years old sons, they of-course LOVE IT!

I found myself translating it ,in the spirit of the book, to Hebrew and I was suddenly struck by the idea of translating it and have many other Israeli kids enjoy it- in the same way that you visioned it- revive it for children today.

so this comment is about asking you if this Idea is possible in anyway..

I would be so grateful for your answer.

your email posted in your site does not work,
is there any other way to contact you?

thanks you and have a lovely day,

Shelley Cook said...

This is a Christmas miracle!!

I just bought a copy on Amazon for $18! (Waaaay cheaper than the price I saw last year...)

Thank you, you've made my family all extremely happy!

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